Selected Talks

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On Spectral Theory, Control, and Higher Regularity of Infinitedimensional Operator Equations, Promotionsvortrag, TU Hamburg, June 9.

2023 Link to heading

Proving final-state observability for non-autonomous observation systems, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, May 24.

The Finite Section Method and periodic Schrödinger operators, Research Seminar, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, May 16. [Link] [Slides]

Smoother fluid flow on rough domains, Bremen-Hamburg²-Kiel-Seminar, CAU Kiel, February 10. [Announcement] [YouTube] [Abstract] [Slides]

2022 Link to heading

Dealing with the challenges of moving sensor sets for proving final-state observability, Oberseminar Analysis, Mathematische Physik & Dynamische Systeme, TU Dortmund. [Link] [YouTube] [Abstract] [Slides]

On Spectral Theory, Control, and Higher Regularity of Infinite-dimensional Operator Equations, Dissertation presentation, 2022, Hamburg. [YouTube] [Slides]

Finite Sections of Periodic Schrödinger Operators, Asymptotic Analysis and Spectral Theory Aspect'22, 2022, Oldenburg. [Link] [YouTube] [Slides]

PONTIFEX – Eine moderne Webapplikation zum Lernen mathematischer Zusammenhänge, 17. Workshop Mathematik in ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Studiengängen, 2022, TH Köln. [Link] [Slides]

2021 Link to heading

Hybride E-Prüfung im Fach Stochastik, joint presentation with J. Großmann, EPS 2020, Aachen (Online). [Poster]

Observability for Non-Autonomous Systems, SCINDIS 2020, Wuppertal (Online). [Link] [Poster]

The Stokes operator in two-dimensional bounded Lipschitz domains, IWOTA 2021, Lancaster, UK (Online). [Link]

Observability for Non-autonomous Systems, Oberseminar Analysis, JGU Mainz (Online). [Link]

Tutoring Group Exercises During Lock-Down—Combining breakout sessions, collaborative whiteboards and WeBWorK, joint talk with J. Großmann, EAMS 2021, Newcastle, UK (Online).

Observability for non-autonomous systems, 8ECM, Portorož, Slovenia (Online).

2020 Link to heading

On the observability of non-autonomous systems, TU Hamburg [Notes]

Theorem of Widder–Arendt, joint talk with M. Hartlapp und L. Lamberti, ISEM22, Wuppertal (Online).

2019 Link to heading

A model for the description of fluid flow, TU Hamburg.

2018 Link to heading

On a Numerical Solution Algorithm for the Navier–Stokes Equations and the Stokes Resolvent Problem in Lp, TU Hamburg. [Slides]

On the Stokes operator in Lp on bounded Lipschitz domains, Universität Regensburg.

2017 Link to heading

The Minimal Semigroup for Parabolic Equations, joint talk with S. Karbach und C. Schlosser, ISEM20, Baronissi, Italy.