Selected Projects and Collaborations

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pntfx (IPA: /ˈpo̞ntife̞ks/) is a HOOU project designed and implemented by Julian Großmann and Fabian Gabel.

Visit for more information or watch the teaser on YouTube.

For us, mathematics is not about isolated formulae but about understanding concepts and connections. In pntfx, we focus on this network of mathematics!

Each topic covered on pntfx is embedded in the rich network of mathematics and visualized by a graph. This network can be used in order to find the requirements needed in order to understand a searched topic. pntfx facilitates the study of troublesome concepts by providing suitable lecture notes, videos, podcast episodes, and electronic exercises.

pntfx is an application designed to make contextual knowledge accessible for learners and teachers. Visit our [GitLab] or [GitHub] for information on how to try out pntfx for your own teaching.

Co-Host of the “Well-defined & Wonderful Podcast” Link to heading

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is. – John von Neumann

Hosted by Prof. Dr. Marcus Waurick, this mathematical podcast accompanies undergraduate lectures on mathematical analysis from day one. We complement the precise definition statements of lecture notes by focussing on the intuition that powers the mathematical theory. Expect stories about famously large hotels, overly complicated train journeys, or just coffee.

Listen in at [Spotify] [] [GooglePodcasts].

Non-mathematicians may particularly enjoy the two friendly episodes on metric spaces: [Spotify] [] .

Static Site Generator for Research Topics of the Institute of Mathematics Link to heading

Sed-based GitLab automatization solution for translating properly linked Markdown documents describing the various research topics at the institute of mathematics.

See [Gitlab].

Image Processing Pipeline Link to heading

Collaboration with J. Janssen (TU Hamburg). [GitLab]